Sunday, September 21, 2008

Honeymoon Scarf

On our honeymoon in London three + years ago, I indulged in a little Liberty fabric shopping. I purchased this 100% wool paisley fabric with the intention of making a scarf, because that's what my mom always did with beautiful Liberty fabric. This summer, I finally got around to making one, so this scarf is, somewhat improperly, named the Honeymoon Scarf. As my first venture into sewing with this kind of fabric, I used one piece of fabric, cut to size, then made a seam around the whole piece, about 5/8" from the edge. Then, using it's natural fraying properties, I pulled the loose threads off the edges to make a fringe.

It worked better in some places than in others.

Thankfully, I still have another whole piece this size, and I'm going to hem the edges this time.

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Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous scarf- i love paisley. it's nice to have a project to remind you of such a special trip! Happy to have found your blog through our pincushion swap board on Ravelry!