Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Favorite Corner of the House

Last year my husband and I started getting interested in antiques; mostly because we just love old things, but also because you can get beautiful wood furniture for a very fair price. One of my best finds is this old pie safe, which now provides extra storage in our kitchen. Back in the day, women used to make their pies or other baked goodies, and let them cool in a cabinet called a pie safe: there's an opening in the wood at the back to provide ventilation while the pies cooled. I was tickled to find this piece and it fits perfectly with the flavor of our kitchen.

My newest antique treasure is a Roseville pottery vase that I got in my stocking for Christmas (well, not actually IN my stocking, but beside it, it's too precious to risk breakage on the floor!). I love the color and art deco/arts and crafts style design on the vase. The green color matches out kitchen perfectly.

On the bookbinding front, still plugging away at new inventory, and I teach my first workshop on Saturday!

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