Friday, April 4, 2008

New Gift Wrapping

These are some bags I made yesterday to gift wrap my books in. They are made of muslin (which is only $0.99/yard), which I think looks old-fashioned, and printed with my shop name. I printed the name with an old advertising set of woodblock type that my husband found for me at a thrift store. I love the way the letters look, and the set has numbers too, plus some old advertising logos, like "Per Yard," and "Only." I have some cards in my shop that say "Only U."

I love the idea of re-usable gift bags; years ago, my mom started making them to replace normal paper wrappings for Christmas. Last year, I made a set for our family and my mother-in-law. It's the best idea, because you don't have to buy wrapping paper constantly, you can make them in all shapes and sizes, save them, and they're ready for Christmas next year! To make them, just fold your fabric, selvedge to selvedge, and cut whatever width you want your bag to be. Then, sew the sides, turn inside out, and hem the top. Easy! And they look so pretty and colorful in all different Christmas prints sitting under the tree.

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