Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Butler Bags

Here are the two Amy Butler bags I made while Grandma was here. One of the many ways my mom enriches my life is by helping me stop and consider things I may usually pass over. So it was with these bags. I had seen these patterns numerous times, but always figured they would be too complicated to do myself. But, with a little encouragement, I started and successfully finished them up. They are really very easy, and perfect for gifts. We discovered that out of the required yardage for a Birdie Sling (below), you could make a Birdie Sling and a Frenchy Bag (above); perfect, huh? One to keep and one to give away!

As I was getting ready to take these pictures, I threw the Frenchy Bag over a chair while my camera batteries charged, then noticed how the guitar in the background mimics the pear-like shape of the bag. Sweet serendipity.

It is also coincedental that the fabric I chose for the Birdie Sling happens to be an owl pattern from Alexander Henry, with little birdie print lining on the inside.

Tomorrow I have pictures from my Cozy Domesticity Swap to share!


Harley Dee said...

Beautiful bags, glad to hear they're not difficult to sew. I love them, but ddn't know if I would be able to make them. I love your fabric choices :)

Kristen said...

I love the owl pattern bag, great fabric combo!

Yarni Gras! said...

both are lovely but since I'm an admitted owl freak, I must say THAT one is AWESOME! :-)