Thursday, January 15, 2009

Of collars and cuffs

I've been trying to keep busy with lots of projects while waiting for Baby (now overdue). These cuffs were made for a winter white swap on Ravelry, and I love how they turned out, I almost couldn't part with them. The white lace is from the French Alencon lace that my wedding dress was made of, sewn onto linen and embroidered for a little pop of color.

These were mailed separately and are intended to be worn as a bracelet, but apparently in the '50's, women would have sets of removable cuffs and collars to wear with their sweaters. They could remove and wash them when dirty, or just change them up to match different outfits. Great idea, huh? Especially for hard-to-wash wool and silk sweaters. I suppose they probaby attached the collars and cuffs to buttons on the sleeves of their sweaters. Hmmm...this may be the start of a new project.

If you have any vintage collars or cuffs of this sort, will you share your knowledge, please?

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