Thursday, January 1, 2009


Two weeks and counting...I hope Baby gets here sooner! We are (I think) ready with everything at home. Since this baby is coming in January in the Midwest, I was trying to figure out how to dress it when we go places. This knit bunting is my solution. It's made with thick chenille, from the Jil Eaton Minnowknits, Too book. The picture is kind of dark, but the yarn is a blue, deep purple, and magenta variegated, with a turquoise zipper. I figure I will take a bunch of baby clothes and the bunting to the hospital and the nurses can help me dress it appropriately.

How do you bundle up your little ones for winter?

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Carol said...

This looks like a really cosy outfit for a winter baby. I'm in Australia so we don't really have very cold winters and at the moment it's very hot and my little grand daughters are wearing the barest minimum. All the best for the coming weeks, and just enjoy your baby when the time comes.