Friday, January 2, 2009

While I wait

My mom introduced me to the idea of prayer shawls over Christmas, and I'm contemplating how I might use this idea in our church. With the prayer shawl booklet from Lion Brand, I'm using this waiting time to knit up a sample, perhaps as a way to enlist people who might be interested at our church. The prayer shawl is a great idea; I particularly like it because it's a tangible and physically comforting way to remind the recipient that people are praying for them. Over the years I've used a similar idea and made blankets for friends who were going through difficult times in their lives.

I'm using the Lion Brand Homespun, because that's what all the patterns call for and they do have some lovely colors. It looks good knit up, but I am not loving knitting with it. It pulls and splits as you stick the needles in and out, and overall just does not feel that great in the hands. Have any of you found some reasonably priced, machine washable alternatives to Homespun?

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